Beauty and the Beaker: 2016

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Today, beauty brands small and large are leveraging advanced science to create efficacious and disruptive treatments for skin to hair to nails.  We asked more than 1,600 women to give us the download on everything they love about beauty powered by science.

Head of the Scientific Skincare Class:

(Her favorite scientific skincare brands:)

  • Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals
  • Murad
  • Clarisonic

How To Make Her Love You? Sexy Science = Super Appeal

  • 67% I like the nitty-gritty, tell me exactly how it works
  • 62% Show me the proof through visuals
  • 58% Use consumer claims from women like me to demonstrate the benefit of using the product(s)

Top Ways to Make Scientific Beauty Relevant to Every Age:

(TBC asked women how scientific beauty brands can be more relevant to their age group.  Age specific kits take the lead across all generations.)

  • 60% Create kits that address issues of concern to people in my age group
  • 57% Demonstrate that the benefits last
  • 56% Show me how your product works better than another product
  • 52% Offer evidence that the product works through consumer claims from women like me

Why She’ll Buy Your $65 Scientific Skincare Brand…

  • 63% Product is clinically tested
  • 61% I read a positive online review
  • 57% G2G (girlfriend to girlfriend) – my friends use it or recommend it

…And Why She Won’t

  • 71% Can’t find online reviews
  • 63% Does not indicate if the product is designed for someone with my specific skin concerns
  • 61% No detailed, unbiased product information

The Results Aren’t In: Why She Isn’t Buying the Science 

(See this as an opportunity to educate. Top reasons women have never bought a product from a scientific beauty brand)

  • Too expensive
  • The benefits are not clear to me
  • I am confused about everything I would need to use

Wooing the Millennials is a Science – What the 18-34 year old wants from a scientific brand

  • 60% Create kits that address issues of concern to people in my age group
  • 54% Develop age-prevention products, I’m too young to have signs of aging but I want to prevent them
  • 53% Alter the price point
  • 53% Demonstrate that the products last
  • 52% Give me online tutorials and videos about how the product(s) work

Based on a survey of 1613 women.  Conducted in December 2015.

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