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10.17 CEW Dedicated Newsletter: TBC Consumer Studies are a Brand’s “Sword and Shield”

Last year, $2 billion in beauty products were sold via home shopping channels, either on TV or increasingly, on their websites.  Evine, HSN, and QVC, the industry giant, have increased beauty selling on their channels, with QVC recently buying HSN a…

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10.17 GCI: Beauty Shoppers and Favorite Brands, part 3 of 4 PinkReport Special

The Changing Retail Landscape Today, beauty shoppers are taking advantage of the many beauty retail outlets available to them…as well as stepping away from a few old standbys. Since 2006, 62% of women say they purchase more beauty products at Am…

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10.17 How to Craft Winning Claims: TBC in BIR Online

On Sunday, July 9th The Benchmarking Company conducted a sold-out session at the at Cosmoprof NorthAmerica’s Entrepreneur Academy, entitled “Best Practices for Crafting Claims that Sell Beauty Products.” For beauty and personal care brands, …

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10.17 US Consumers, Beauty & Amazon

The October-December 2017 issue of BW Confidential features consumer shopping habits from TBC's recent Amazon.com & beauty study. Click here to read the issue. We're on page 137.…

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9.17 Part 2 of the PinkReport: A 10 Year Respective: How She Shops Now

Today’s Beauty Consumer and Her Beauty Basics in 2016/2017 Desire, rather than need, is driving today’s beauty consumer to buy, which represents a dynamic change from the beauty consumers of yesterday. Traditionally, beauty has been a product …

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7.17 WWD Beauty taps The Benchmarking Company to conduct Indie Founders Survey

In June 2017, The Benchmarking Company conducted original research to uncover the secrets of independent beauty company CEOs' successes.  From their early days just starting their companies, to their aspirations for growth or exit strategies, TBC an…

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7.17 Your First Look at the 2016 PinkReport – 10 Years of Consumers & Beauty

For The Benchmarking Company’s 2016/2017 PinkReport: Ten-Year Beauty Benchmark—A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty, we take a look at how far beauty has evolved over the past decade, and what that evolution means to brands in terms of g…

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3.17 Beauty is her Beat: Inside the Hearts and Minds of the Beauty Enthusiast

The ultimate beauty lover—she goes by many names: beauty junkie, beauty enthusiast, beauty diva, beauty queen. But whatever you call her (or him!), there are several facts about this uber-beauty consumer that are undeniable:  she loves the role be…

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1.17 Beauty is Where the Heart is: How Social Philanthropy Drive Consumers’ Decisions

When it comes to philanthropic giving or throwing your support behind a cause you believe in, most of us likely have a favorite mission or way to give back to our communities, and beauty consumers are no different. In fact, you could say that when it…

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3.17 TBC’s Session on the US Consumer’s Love Affair with Masstige a Hit at Cosmoprof Worldwide

Denise and Jenn from TBC, along with fellow panelist Chris Hobson, CEO of Patchology, spoke at the 50th annual Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna on March 19, 2017 about the growing impact of beauty in the masstige market.  You can download the full presen…

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Beauty by the Numbers

The Wellness Connection Infographic Series #6

The Wellness Connection Whether looking to combat a specific skin concer…

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TBC’s 10 Year Beauty Benchmark: (2006-2016) – A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty

This year’s PinkReport, TBC’s 10 Year Beauty Benchmark: (2006-2016) –…

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