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Once thought of as an alternative or quaint approach to beauty and health, wellness has come a long way since the days when using aloe vera gel, fresh from the plant, on sunburns was the height of ‘wellness’. Today, wellness is a way of living and a category of beauty that stands on its own for consumers everywhere. Sixty-nine percent think an inside-out approach to overall wellness is healthier than taking prescription medicine and 53% agree that eating or drinking an ingestible product offers more powerful benefits than topicals alone. Whether it’s drinking a smoothie before work or using essential oils to heal everyday illness or eating fermented foods and taking probiotics, wellness is here to stay.

Most consumers are embracing wellness

In September 2017, The Benchmarking Company surveyed 5,780 U.S. female beauty buyers in an original study, querying them about their wellness habits, and not surprisingly, the first thing we found out is that most everyone embraces wellness: 82% of beauty consumers say they use wellness products such as essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and probiotics.  The number one reasons people are using wellness products? They make me feel healthier and they make me stay healthier (68%) followed by they are better for me (53%) and they help me relax (51%).  In other words, consumers believe that wellness products are not only safer for them, but they can help keep people healthier (i.e. ward off the common cold) while at the same time, promote overall better health and reduce stress. That’s an exciting shift from even just ten years ago, when words like probiotics were only just starting to mean something to consumers other than yogurt.  Another interesting reason why consumers are using wellness products is that 45% believe they solve problems that conventional products do not solve without drugs (i.e. stomach issues, joint pain, etc.), and 85% expect wellness products to improve their overall health and increase their energy (63%), again keeping with a consumers main desire to both feel and stay healthy.

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