TBC’s Session on the US Consumer’s Love Affair with Masstige a Hit at Cosmoprof Worldwide

Denise and Jenn from TBC, along with fellow panelist Chris Hobson, CEO of Patchology, spoke at the 50th annual Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna on March 19, 2017 about the growing impact of beauty in the masstige market.  You can download the full presentation here!

TBC Special Report: Consumer Driven Trends For 2016 and Beyond

In today’s rapidly and constantly evolving beauty biz, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or do they? In a retrospective look at beauty trends, behaviors, and influencers from 10 years ago, as well as those informing the industry today, The Benchmarking Company’s landmark 2016 PinkReport: 10-Year Beauty Benchmark—A […]

Proof Sells-The Benchmarking Company Helps Brands Claim Her Allegiance

The last time we caught up with The Benchmarking Company’s co-founders, Denise and Jenn, they were prepping for a speaking panel alongside QVC’s Ellen Lennon, Director of US Beauty; Eve Pearl of EVE PEARL Beauty and Doris Dalton of Doll 10 Beauty at Cosmoprof NorthAmerica. The topic: “TV Home Shopping Culture: Is your Brand Camera […]

What Makes Her Tick? The Mindset of Today’s Beauty Consumer…and What It Means to Your Brand.

With hundreds of beauty products singing their siren’s call to beauty consumers each time they stroll their favorite beauty aisle or log-onto to their preferred online shop, how can a brand expect to stand-out? Let’s take a closer look at the beauty consumer of 2016. She’s An Engaged Consumer Beauty consumers are very sophisticated consumers […]

TBC talks to Packaging Digest about Ways to Avoid Million Dollar Packaging Mistakes in the October 2016 issue

The importance of packaging to any brand is well-known, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always prevent million dollar mistakes with primary and secondary units. To avoid these costly packaging missteps, it’s critical for brands to know what packaging elements consumers value before designs are submitted and bottles are filled. Here, a detailed look at the elements […]

The Evolution of the In-Home Beauty Product Test

In last month’s article, TBC took a close look at the evolution of focus groups, and how brands can use this powerful tool to gather critical qualitative data about their products.  This month, we turn our attention to other half of this equation: in-home usage studies or beauty product testing groups (BPTs), which put your […]

Are skin serums miracle workers?

Cocaine used to be God’s way of telling you that you have too much money. Now it’s SoulCycle and skin serums. Over the last decade “wellness” has become a luxury item and serums, which tend to mix health claims with beauty promises, have ridden the wellness wave with spectacular success. Serums are everywhere; a search […]

A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty

Her Obsession with Beauty Products Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A comparative look at yesterday’s and today’s beauty trends, influencers and behaviors, and predictions of trends for the next decade. Purpose of the Report: The 2016 PinkReport provides a detailed look at the US female beauty consumer benchmarked against data collected in TBC’s original PinkReport issued in […]

Tell Me How You Really Feel

To move towards product launch with confidence, marketing teams need reliable consumer intelligence. Here at The Benchmarking Company, we are seeing brands turning back to the basics more and more to get this data—basics such as the time-tested focus group. A chance for brand managers and executives to literally see consumer reactions to their most […]

E.L.F. Turns Spotlight on its Biggest Fans

Anyone passing through the lobby of Hotel Vitale on a recent Saturday afternoon would have heard delighted shrieks coming from a conference room.What sounded like a taping of Oprah’s FavoriteThings onWinfrey’s former television show was actually a room full of young women who hailed from 42 different cities across 18 states, who had won a […]