Let’s Get Emotional-Using Emotional Science to Segment the US Beauty Consumer


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Let’s Get Emotional: Using “Emotional Science” to Segment the US Beauty Consumer, 2012
42 pages
In-depth survey of 2,528 American women

Whether you are a seasoned industry powerhouse or just beginning to create a new brand, you need to know your consumer on an intimate level, and that starts with her emotions. By knowing who she is and the attachments that bind her to your brand, not only do you position yourself for increased consumer loyalty, but you also become uniquely able to create a product that she absolutely can’t live without, no matter what your competition is up to.

Let’s Get Emotional: Using “Emotional Science to Segment the US Beauty Consumer contains in-depth profiles for the five US beauty consumer archetypes (The Diva, The All-American, The Classic, The Minimalist, The Bewildered) so that you can better tailor your products and marketing to connect with the one who feels connected to you, ensuring a brand that resonates, penetrates, fascinates—and helps guarantee sales that soar.


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