Why do beauty product testing?

Having finely tuned and vetted our methodologies with hundreds of beauty product testing groups, TBC often sets the industry standard for beauty product testing in the US. In the last eight years, TBC has tested over 500 products with more than 25,000 women. We have expertise in the following industry categories: skincare, beauty devices, body care, cosmetics, fragrance, hair care and nail care.

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Key Advantages of Working with theBenchmarkingCompany

Independent Voice

By working with TBC for your beauty product testing, you bring the real value of having a third-party source, adding proven credibility in an increasingly highly regulated environment.

Consumer Intelligence

We know women and understand intimately what they are looking for in their product offerings, and we know how to work with you to optimize the product portfolio you choose for testing.

Market Tracking

Knowing the current in-market claims found in most products allows us to maintain up-to-date knowledge of what claims and techniques are trending. We evaluate the competition & white-space opportunities and craft claims strategies and testing protocols that ensure your offerings are elevated above the rest.

Market Claims

We’ve studied and proven that the type of questions asked, the process in which they are asked and a woman’s experience with your products is important to manage effectively. We have optimized our methodology from the participant screening process, to the self-assessment questionnaire, to the daily communications to provide best claims, insights and validation.

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