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What woman doesn’t want beautiful, healthy tresses? As with skincare, consumers want their hair care products to perform, offer real benefits, and leave their hair looking and feeling better. What does this mean for your brand? In part one of our two-part series on hair care, learn what more than 3,400 consumers have to say about their top hair concerns, what she looks for in the products she buys and how important it is that products are made specifically for someone with her hair type, texture, color and more.

Variety is key

  • 96% of female hair care buyers use a variety of hair care brands
  • 1 in 4 women use more than 5 products a week as part of her hair care regimen
  • 64% have 3+ bottles of shampoo/conditioner in their shower with 10% of those indicating they have 6+ shampoos/conditioners in their rotation
  • 20% switch out their shampoo/conditioner every few weeks while another 22% switch them every 1-2 months
  • 12% switch out their styling products every few weeks while another 19% switch out every 1-2 months

She purchases hair care products designed for her…

  • 77% hair texture (i.e. fine, coarse)
    • 20% don’t yet but are interested
  • 68% hair pattern (i.e. straight, wavy, curly)
    • 25% don’t yet but are interested
  • 49% ethnicity (asked of non-Caucasian panelists)
    • 44% don’t yet but are interested
  • 49% hair color
    • 39% don’t yet but are interested

What She Buys and Wants for Her Specific Hair Color

Product Currently buys Does not use but would like to
Color protection shampoo/conditioner 46% 40%
Anti-brassiness products 21% 51%
Toning shampoo 19% 61%

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