Marketing Strategies for Beauty Products


Laser-Focused Consumer Insights
Beauty and Personal Care Product Testing

The Benchmarking Company’s consumer perception studies garner powerful consumer claims and validates your brand’s product benefits to support sell-in and sell-through. Our unique approach ensures your claims are powerful as well as crafted with compliance for advertising and marketing regulations for cosmetics and personal care products in mind. Leveraging our testing panel of more than 275k vetted female and male beauty and personal care buyers, we turn product testers into product evangelists.
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Consumer Research

Researchers and beauty lovers to the core, we customize consumer studies according to your brand’s needs, uncovering what the beauty and personal care consumer wants, needs and desires from your brand. We delve into messaging and branding, competitive, packaging and pricing analyses so your brand is fully armed with intelligence and introspection to make the smartest, most lucrative marketing decisions.
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TBC is the publisher of the award-winning PinkReport™, an annually released research report that reveals what beauty and personal care buying consumers want, what they’ll buy and WHY.
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