In-Person & Virtual Focus Groups

The Beauty of Intimate Group Research

The Benchmarking Company's trained focus group moderators can help your brand uncover your beauty and personal care consumers' desires, needs, preferences, purchase thresholds, and attitudes in an intimate setting designed to probe deeply into the questions you need answered for your brand to succeed in the marketplace. Not only will you know the answers to your brand's questions about buyers, but you'll understand the "why" in a deep and meaningful way. Either in-person at state-of-the-art focus group facilities around the country, or through a day of convenient and cost-effective online Zoom groups, TBC's focus groups shine the light on your brand's place in their heart and wallet - and provides a roadmap for success moving forward.

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    Focus Groups Deliver Actionable Insights

    Our Proven Methodology

    The Benchmarking Company prides itself on its expertise in facilitating focus groups designed to elicit critical consumer information to inform your most important business decisions. TBC offers brands multiple research options from multi-city, in-person focus groups to online focus groups conducted across timezones. Rely on TBC to identify the right panelists, develop the moderator's guide, and conduct intimate focus groups to garner feedback on brand concepts and messaging as well as product look, feel, touch and efficacy. Facilitation of focus groups online allows brands to quickly and affordably obtain first-hand information about consumer opinions, watching the sessions live as they occur.
    • Professionally moderated by beauty, personal care and wellness industry research specialists
    • 5-6 panelists per group; 1.5 hour sessions; 4 sessions per day
    • Take a deep dive into understanding her beauty/personal care/wellness buying habits, needs, buying triggers and desires
    • Recruit specific segments of consumers relevant to your brand
    • Watch live from behind the scenes or behind the screen
    • Small intimate groups allow for deep exploration
    • Instantly understand the consumers' attitudes and perceptions
    • Identify differences in perception among segmented groups
    • All groups are video recorded for playback
    • TBC delivers a professional Final Report of results promptly afterward

    Consumers Want To Participate in Focus Groups


    are interested in virtual focus groups with like-minded people to talk about beauty/personal care/wellness products likes and dislikes, current product needs and favorite brands


    of surveyed consumers are most interested in an in-person focus group discussion with a moderator and 4-5 other participants

    Types of Focus Groups

    Every focus group is completely customized according to your needs – you name it, we’ve conducted focus groups for it!

    • Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty
    • Explore the consumers' perception of sensorial attributes of a product and perceived efficacy
    • Color Cosmetics usage testing
    • Packaging testing - garner feedback on package design and functionality
    • Understand the generational consumer and how best to communicate with her
    • Hair care product appeal
    • Skincare products/device usage
    • Beauty device/tool appeal
    • Advertising message testing
    • Brand and product messaging and imagery from logos to marketing materials
    • Sensory aspects of your products through live testing
    • Ease of application of your products through live testing
    • Mock store shelves - does she see your product among the competition?
    • Website ease of use