About Us

About Us

Beauty & Personal Care is All We Do

Whether it’s through our popular beauty product testing programs, quantitative online surveys, intimate focus groups, or findings from our award-winning PinkReport™ (the only deep-dive U.S.-based research reports that uncover what consumers want, what they’ll buy, and why), The Benchmarking Company’s multidisciplinary and focused approach to uncovering consumer buying behavior helps our clients sell more product and retain current customers. Feel free to download the 2023 TBC brochure.

72 %

TBC clients on QVC

69 %

TBC clients with products on Sephora shelves

100 %

TBC clients that use 5-star consumer claims for sell-in and sell-through
  • The Benchmarking Company provides research services for the following industry categories:

    • Skincare
    • Color Cosmetics
    • Personal Care
    • Men’s Grooming
    • Devices
    • Hair Care
    • Nail Care
    • Beauty Tools
    • Wellness/Supplements
    • Products containing CBD or hemp seed oil

    Women (and men!) of all ages, all ethnicities

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