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Holiday Shopper Plans to Buy it All: 2016 Infographic Series #8

No Grinch here.  Both men and women indicate they spend more than $100 on their spouse for the holidays. From beauty products to clothing, gift cards and technology, this year’s holiday shopper plans to buy it all. *3624 83% expect to purch…

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Hot For Home Shopping! 2016 Infographic Series #6

Boasting a diverse, ever-growing array of products and the starting point for some of today’s hottest brands, home shopping is a $13B a year (and growing) powerhouse.  Beauty products represent about ___% of all products sold at QVC, HSN, and EVIN…

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How Does Her Garden Grow? 2016 Infographic Series #5

Natural and organic – catchy buzz words or the way of the future?  Turns out, possibly a bit of both.  Beauty consumers are keenly interested in the benefits of using natural and organic products, and are open to more education and awareness as t…

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Spotlight on the Sun: 2016 Infographic Series #4

As the days get longer and temperatures begin to soar, our thoughts turn to SPF and sun protection.  To find out how consumers really feel about sunscreen and SPF products, we asked over 4,500 women to bare it all and tell us what they are seeking f…

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Beauty and the Beaker: 2016 Infographic Series #3

Today, beauty brands small and large are leveraging advanced science to create efficacious and disruptive treatments for skin to hair to nails.  We asked more than 1,600 women to give us the download on everything they love about beauty powered by s…

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Lush Lashes, Kissable Lips Make for a Sexy V-day: 2016 Infographic Series #2

Ooo-la-la this is shaping up to be a memorable Valentine’s Day!  We asked women across America how they’ll prepare themselves for the most romantic day of the year, what they’d love from their significant other, and what gift would be super sp…

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What A Girl Wants in ’16: 2016 Infographic Series #1

It’s New Year’s Resolution time—beauty style!   We asked more than 4,000 U.S. women what they wanted to try, buy and accomplish in 2016 for their skin, hair, and body.  Here is a look at what’s on her beautiful to-do list this year. Top Sk…

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Guys that Groom: What He Said: 2015 Infographic Series #12

Serious men’s grooming is no longer left to the metrosexuals. Men from every walk of life are getting their groom on. From razors to hair pomades, men are spending increasingly larger amounts of cash on personal care and grooming products. TBC …

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Beauty Takes a Holiday – Her Gift Giving Outlook: 2015 Infographic Series #11

The Benchmarking Company unveils its annual look at the beauty products the U.S. female consumer plans to buy herself and her loved ones this 2015 holiday season, how much she’ll spend, and where she’ll be shopping!  Whether naughty or nice, mos…

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All About Men’s Grooming–What She Said: 2015 Infographic Series #9

Ladies aren’t the only ones that primp, according to a recent TBC study.  Men’s grooming is a fast- growing category on the beauty and personal care market!  TBC wanted to know what role “she” plays in her guy’s grooming habits. …

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Cosmoprof presentation on masstige cover

TBC’s Session on the US Consumer’s Love Affair with Masstige a Hit at Cosmoprof Worldwide

Denise and Jenn from TBC, along with fellow panelist Chris Hobson, CEO of P…

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