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As the wheel of the year turns from the cold, dark days of winter to the first warm breezes of spring, many consumers are ready to revisit and revitalize their skincare routines. To gauge consumer’s thoughts and feelings on just what that means, we chatted with over 4,600 beauty consumers about all things skincare.  In part one of our two part series, we share the inside scoop on her skin concerns; the products she’s using, the ones she’s not using, and what she’d consider trying; important factors for trying new skincare; influencers for trying new skincare; info about her routine and what it brings to her life; what skincare she’s using by age, and finally, the appeal of doctor brands. Read on to find out what we learned, and how it applies to you and your brand.

She’s Skincare Adventurous 

For most consumers, a skincare routine is a positive part of her everyday routine that makes her happy.  Thirty-eight (38%) see it is ‘me’ time, and say the more steps, the better!  Sixty-three (63%) wash their face at least two times per day, and 57% apply moisturizer at least two times per day. When asked to tell us their thoughts on their skincare routine and skincare in general, here were the top responses:

  • 97% love to try new facial skincare products
  • 89% willing to spend more on higher quality facial skincare products
  • 89% always on the lookout for new facial skincare products
  • 88% share knowledge of facial skincare products with friends & family
  • 81% seek out advice/recommendations from friends on facial skincare products
  • 80% even if satisfied with her skincare, are always on the lookout something better

Most consumers (65%) are not skincare newbies, meaning they are already using anywhere from three to five skincare products each day to address their main skin concerns and issues.  The top two skin concerns—acne and fine line/wrinkles—are not surprisingly, considering a generational viewpoint.  Younger consumers (Gen Z and Millennials) cite acne as their number one skin concern, while Gen X and Baby Boomers reveal that fine lines and wrinkles are top of their concern list.

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