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Ready To Get Intimate?


Beauty buyers are ready! Interest in products for intimate care and sexual wellness is high, with consumers embracing new (and once-taboo) products as meaningful ways to achieve a more complete sense of wellness. With a growing number of intimate care offerings and the removal of stigmas from products designed to improve her sexual health, the door is open for brands she trusts to introduce products that become staples of her wellness repertoire.

Intimate Care & Sexual Wellness are no longer taboo but an important part of her overall beauty and wellness routine. Learn how 2,400+ US females feel about products addressing her most intimate of needs!


She’s Onboard

• 98% believe intimate care and sexual wellness are important parts of overall health and happiness

• 94% appreciate that brands are making products to address their personal needs

• 75% agree that products for intimate areas are as important as skincare for the face


Sexual Wellness Buying

• 86% of sexual wellness product buyers say it is the female in the relationship who typically buys these products

• 47% have purchased sexual wellness products in the past two years

• 38% have not bought yet, but intend to do so


Top Sexual Wellness Products She Buys Now

Lubricant (for moisture/hydration) 74%

Sex toys* 71%

Lubricant (for stimulation) 36%

Clitoral stimulating gel 28%

Mood setting mist, oil diffusers, etc. 27%

*79% of consumers consider sex toys to be sexual wellness products


Top Sexual Wellness Products She’s Interested in Buying

Clitoral stimulating gel 57%

Sex toys/Cannabis-based sexual wellness products (tied) 54%

Lubricant (for stimulation) 50%

Mood setting mist, oil diffusers, etc. 49%

At-home vaginal rejuvenation devices 47%




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