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With beach trips, pool days and outdoor adventures in full swing, our thoughts shift to SPF and sun protection. What’s important to beauty consumers who buy skincare with SPF and sunscreen products? We’ve benchmarked part of our 2021 study with one that we conducted in 2016, with some surprising 5-year comparisons.

A tan is nice but healthy skin is better




Are concerned or very concerned about sun exposure on their face 85% 90%
Are very concerned or concerned about sun exposure on their body 80% 83%
Would pay more for a product with SPF in it 85% 78%
Prefer skincare products to have SPF/sunscreen 76% 71%
Use or buy facial moisturizers with SPF 70% 72%
Use or buy foundation with SPF 69% 64%

 Why she prefers skincare w/SPF to traditional sunscreens  

2016 2021
Prefer skincare w/SPF because it’s easily added to daily routine 73% 77%
Like the blend of skincare benefits and sun protection 70% 66%
Prefer the texture (not sticky/tacky) 62% 47%


Why some prefer traditional sunscreens to skincare w/SPF

2016 2021
Traditional products can be sweat or waterproof 63% 39%
They offer different levels of SPF 52% 47%
Believe sunscreens are more powerful 41% 56%

Types of sunscreen used 

  • 27% mineral
  • 34% sometimes mineral, sometimes chemical
  • 8% chemical
  • 31% don’t know!

The mineral sunscreen appeal

  • 45% use mineral because of chemical ingredient concerns
  • 36% like how it sits on top of skin and doesn’t penetrate it
  • 32% better for sensitive skin
  • 32% works just as well as chemical

Her preferred sunscreen application methods

  • 30% aerosol mist/continuous spray
  • 29% squeeze tube
  • 24% pump