Beauty Product Testing

Beauty Product Testing

The Benchmarking Company’s beauty and personal care product testing process (also known as consumer in-home use testing, IHUT) can garner powerful consumer claims to support sell-in and sell-through. Our unique approach ensures your claims are powerful as well as compliant with advertising and marketing regulations for cosmetics and personal care products. Click Here to read our Testing FAQ


Why Claims are Important

Our Proven Methodology for 5-Star Claims

Beauty or Personal Care Product Testing involves sending either a prototype or a product that is conditionally approved for in-market commercialization and has undergone appropriate safety and stability testing to a defined panel of target consumers. This highly targeted panel uses the product – according to specific usage instructions – for a given time period, and then assesses their experiences with the product at various intervals throughout the trial. This type of testing reveals hero claims as well as emotional connections to products and brands which is a valuable tool for any marketing team.
Key benefits include:

  • Proof of Product Efficacy
  • Claims Strategy & Articulation
  • Market-Ready Claims
  • Market-Ready Testimonials
  • Third-Party Validation
  • Risk Mitigation against False Claims

Claims are Important When Marketing to Women

Types of Beauty & Personal Care Product Tests

TBC’s consumer in-home use tests are as varied as your marketing and product development needs. Whether you want a testing panel of 35 consumers or a panel of 2500, we work with brands to meet their marketing, legal and product development testing objectives.
  • Branded
  • Blinded
  • Prototype/Pilot (sensorial testing for large or small groups)
  • New SKU
  • New Formulation
  • New Formulation vs. Old
  • Formula A vs. B for max. efficacy
  • Old SKU
  • New Set
  • Competitive
  • Fragrance Preference
  • Usage instruction efficacy
  • Advertising compliance
  • On-air use for QVC, HSN, EVINE or broadcast advertising
  • And yes, we can test products containing CBD or hemp oils!
  • *NEW*! Measure your product's claims scores compared to others we've tested in each category - know the benchmarks!
  • *NEW*! Selfies and video testimonials by finishing panelists can be part of your product's IHUT!
  • *NEW*! Post-IHUT Zoom sessions with your trial's panelists for a deeper dive into the meaning behind your claims scores!

Claims are important when marketing to men

What Makes TBC's Approach Different?

TBC has conducted testing for the largest brands in the business, as well as scores of Indie startups. Our unsurpassed knowledge of beauty and personal care consumers the claims that resonate with them, and our understanding of current cosmetics advertising regulations coupled with our proprietary methodologies and our renowned panel of 275K+ beauty and personal care buyers, are reasons why brands come back to us time and again. Interested in becoming a tester? Click Here


We work with you to develop the right beauty product testing strategy, matching your product with the right potential buyer.


We send your products to our panelists all over the country.


Our panelist test and provide valuable feedback by completing customized on-line self-assessment claims surveys.

5-Star Substantiated Claims

Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion
  • In 14 days, 90% of women felt it enhanced the healthy look and feel of their skin
Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam
  • In 7 days, 91% of women agreed it left skin feeling pure and exceptionally clean
SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist
  • After 1 day of use, 100% agree it refreshes and cools skin while providing a weightless feel
  • After 10 days of use, 94% agree skin feels replenished, balanced and hydrated
ELEVATE Firming & Lifting Contouring Eye Cream
  • After 10 days of use, 95% of subjects reported visible improvements of skin texture around the eyes
Soft Matte Complete Concealer
  • After 2 weeks of use, 99% of independent consumers felt that it blended into the skin effortlessly
  • After 2 weeks of use, 97% of independent consumers said it offered high coverage that’s natural-looking
FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment
  • After 3 uses, 93% said it created a brighter complexion
  • After 9 uses, 98% said it created a luminous complexion and visibly boosted skin radiance
FlashPatch Eye Gels
  • 100% of women said their tired eyes appeared awakened, revived and revitalized
  • 97% of women said their eye area looked less puffy
Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30
  • After 1 week, 91% of women agreed their skin felt renewed, beautiful and rejuvenated
  • After 1 week, 100% of women agreed their skin was smoother and more supple
Coconut Crush Scrub and Coconut Balm
  • After using both products for 4 weeks, 97% of users agree that it diminished the appearance of dry, patchy skin
  • After using both products for 4 weeks, 94% of users agree that it gives skin a healthy flow and polishes skin to perfection
Radiance Enzyme Scrub
  • 95% of women said the scrub deeply cleans without feeling harsh after just 1 use
  • After 2 weeks use, 90% said their skin look refined
White Brilliance Luminous Essence
  • After 28 days, 96% of women noticed skin was smooth & soft
Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist
  • After 28 days, 100% agree Nirvana creates a bright, hydrated glow
  • After 28 days, 98% agree their skin feels and looks hydrated, softer, smoother, and brighter
Dual Contour Blender Brush
After using the 201 Dual Contour Blender Brush for 14 days...
• 98% Brush bristles felt luxurious on my skin
• 95% Blended my foundation or concealer perfectly
• 94% This brush is now an important part of my makeup routine
• 91% Helped me to achieve perfect facial highlights

Outcomes of Consumer Testing: Consumer Testimonials & Product Reviews

Just a few of the amazing testimonials and product reviews we’ve captured through Beauty Product Testing and Consumer Use Testing

“At first, I thought the straightener wouldn't work for me since there are no heat adjustments. I thought it may not get hot enough. I have thick hair and it can be hard to style. This was not the case! It worked PERFECT for me and I love the overall results. I currently own [another] straightener, but I LOVE this styler so much better. It is gentle on my hair, glides effortlessly, and my hair looks shiny and smooth. Overall, I would absolutely prefer this styler over any other straightener I have used in the past.” —Amber W., St. Augustine, FL

"My skin is noticeably tighter, reducing the laugh lines extending from the edges of my lips to my nose. I thought only surgery could fix those. Also made the lines between my eyes much less noticeable. I've tried many serums, including some very expensive brands. None of them are even close to being as effective as TLC Framboos. I also love the packaging. It makes it very easy to get the same amount every time I use it without risking contaminating the product." —Donna B., Henrietta, TX

Paula’s Choice Clinical Retinol 1% Facial Treatment
“I have definitely seen an improvement in the deeper fine lines around my eyes and forehead. It's also has improved the texture of my skin. I love how easy it was to apply. I never peeled like some retinal products. I just loved the way my face felt after using this product.”—Brenda A., Jacksonville, FL

"I'm very satisfied and happy with my hair color. It's as if I had it colored at a beauty salon. It's so shiny and soft. It covered my grey fully and it's still looks beautiful 21 days later. Never been happier with any other at home coloring or beauty salon coloring. I've received many good compliments and no everyone thinks I had it done at a beauty salon. I've very happy with the coloring results." —Tina P., El Centro, CA

"When I first started using the gel, it seemed to draw out a cold sore that was below the surface. While I could see it below the surface, it didn't erupt, it just subsided in 2 days. The gel seemed to cause my lips to plump after application." — Ray M., Palestine, TX