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Ten years ago TBC’s PinkReport™ examined a growing trend – Natural and Organic beauty.  A decade later, we are excited to deliver our 2018 PinkReport™, The New Age of Naturals, which confirms that what was once a growing trend has fully morphed into a collective behavior for many beauty and personal care buyers. As evidenced by the products seen on shelves, online, in-store, on social media, and stashed inside cosmetics/toiletry bags of consumers the world over, naturals and organics is a movement that has disrupted the traditional beauty and personal care market.

Join us as we take a look at how far natural/organic beauty and personal care (BPC) products have evolved over the past decade in the eyes of the female (and male) consumer, and what that evolution means to brands in terms of guiding marketing plans. Bonus Sections of the Report will include a look at wellness products, cannabinoids and their impact on beauty, and marketing and branding tips from the pros.

168 Pages of must-read data! Download the full report at https://benchmarkingcompany.com/pink-reports/.

The Natural and Organic Beauty & Personal Care Consumer
She is all ages, all ethnicities and represents all socio-economic groups

  • 62% exercise regularly
  • 77% take vitamins
  • 83% have attended college or hold a college degree
  • 57% have a household income >$50K
  • 52% buy natural/organic BPC products on Amazon.com (#1 retailer chosen)
  • 70% buy natural/organic BPC products at least half the time they shop
  • 71% are willing to spend more on natural/organic products beauty products than on traditional beauty products

What She Is Looking for Before Making a Purchase

  • Positive consumer claims and online product reviews are essential for 86% — she won’t even entertain the thought of buying a new beauty or personal care brand without them!
  • 70% check out a product’s ingredient list before buying
  • 52% expect product efficacy to be backed by scientific proof

Expectations of Natural/Organic BPC Products

Buyers of natural/organic BPC expect products with these monikers to deliver performance with perceived safety.

  • 80% of women/72% of men free from toxic pesticides
  • 76% of women/69% of men free of known carcinogens, natural or synthetic
  • 72% of women/ 68% of men as effective as traditional beauty products made with chemicals and synthetics

Top Considerations in Her Purchase Decision

  • 79% Price
  • 75% Does not test on animals
  • 70% BPA free
  • 63% Shelf life
  • 57% Paraben free
  • 50% Plant derived

Where she shops Organic/Natural BPC Products

  • 52% Amazon
  • 43% Superstore, i.e. Target, Walmart
  • 47% Beauty specialty store, i.e. Ulta, Sephora
  • 33% Natural food store, i.e. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts

Download the full BBTN here.