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Korean beauty has become a huge powerhouse in the American beauty industry, repeatedly trending on social media as celebrities and influencers showcase these high quality, naturally-inspired products and methods. Ranging from skincare to makeup and more, Korean beauty offers a vast array of new products and delivery systems for women to try. But, with such a large selection it might seem a little intimidating to start building a new skincare regimen. This infographic exposes some of the obstacles the Korean beauty industry faces, and why some women choose not to invest in these products just yet.

As the Korean beauty industry continues to be a model of innovation and advances in science, many beauty buyers are eager to trust these products – even if they are a little wary. Read on to discover detailed insights into the Korean beauty market, with statistics that include which products are currently the most popular, which products women are most curious to explore, and how to get her to try Korean beauty (hint: she loves free samples!)

Korean Beauty

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