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Ladies aren’t the only ones that primp, according to a recent TBC study.  Men’s grooming is a fast- growing category on the beauty and personal care market!  TBC wanted to know what role “she” plays in her guy’s grooming habits.  More importantly, what is he doing in front of the bathroom vanity?

She reports his top male grooming activities

  • 90% shave his face
  • 72% trim excess hair in and around nose/ears
  • 70% trim facial hair neatly
  • 55% use hair products to style his hair
  • 53% trim hair in private areas

The secret is out, grooming is in!

  • 63% of women tell us their man loves to groom and is not bashful about it
  • Razors are the top grooming product he will buy for himself
  • 23% of men have purchased products from a male grooming company such as Dollar Shave Club, Art of Shaving, Harry’s Shave Club, Jack Black or the Grooming Lounge

She holds the purse strings

  • 96% purchase grooming products or personal care products for one or more men in her household; 36% purchase for a man outside her household
  • 76% say they don’t wait for him to ask, they just buy grooming or personal care products when she sees he is running low
  • 20% say there is “no way” he knows how much his personal care and grooming products cost

He’s brand loyal, though she does the brand research

  • 68% note that the man/men in her household ask her to buy specific brands of grooming products for all types of products
  • 74%  research men’s grooming products much like she researches her own beauty and cosmetics products prior to purchase
  • 63% say he trusts her opinion because she’s more knowledgeable about personal care products

Top 5 personal care products she buys for him

  • 92% deodorant
  • 89% shampoo
  • 86% razors
  • 80% shaving cream
  • 79% liquid shower soap/body wash

Top 5 specialty grooming products she buys for him

  • 68% cologne
  • 57% hair styling products
  • 56% electric hair grooming (electric razor, nose hair trimmer)
  • 45% after shave/men’s grooming kits/gift boxes
  • 37% beard/mustache care products

Top 3 specialty grooming products he buys for himself

  • 32% razors
  • 21% cologne
  • 16% electric hair removal , electric razors/nose hair trimmers

For men, it is all about the hair. According to the women surveyed who purchase hair products for their men, here are her most frequent purchases:

  • 75% gel
  • 45% pomade
  • 42% mousse
  • 41% hair spray

This data was derived from an original TBC survey of 2379 U.S. women in July 2015.

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