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Today’s beauty buyer takes a peek into her personal crystal ball with a beauty wish list for 2035.  Will  your brand be ready to deliver?

98.1% of women who currently buy beauty products expect to continue to 20 years from now

79% of these women anticipate their monthly spend on beauty products will increase

Today’s beauty buyer predicts her online buying, shopping from a mobile device, and usage of a mobile device in-store will increase in 20 years.  Women cite this shift in buying behavior will make the following even more important in their purchasing decisions:

  • 93% product is available and easy to find
  • 93% product lists consumer claims made by women with similar beauty concerns
  • 92% product has good customer reviews
  • 91% product lists consumer claims made by women who are of similar age
  • 91% product is priced reasonably

Top three reasons women expect to buy beauty products in 20 years.

  • 87% to maintain skin health
  • 83% to feel good
  • 75% to look good

What women expect from beauty products of the future

  • 94% ability to customize the beauty product to meet my specific need
  • 94% safe ingredients
  • 86% SPF protection
  • 72% all-in-one benefit
  • 62% local specialty ingredients which deliver product benefits

Green means go!

Looking to the future, beauty buyers expect to reward companies with green practices and natural ingredients, citing the following as having a positive effect on their purchasing decisions.

  • 84% the company is ethical and environmental
  • 79% uses organic ingredients in their products
  • 76% made by a green company
  • 71% made by a company that supports Free Trade

In the future, women expect speedy delivery of their beauty products.   If ordering online or through a home shopping they expect:

  • 18% same day delivery
  • 30% 1 day delivery
  • 39% 2 day delivery

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