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With more than 4 out of 5 female beauty buyers indicating a positive level of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important to understand how these consumers expect beauty brands to step up to the challenge of diversity and inclusivity in its employment practices and product offerings. TBC asked more than 2,900 beauty and personal care buyers their opinions on the movement, products and more in this important August 2020 study.

Causes most important to her (8, 9, 10 on scale of 1-10)

  • 76% Women’s rights/#Metoo
  • 63% BLM
  • 60% Climate change
  • 59% LGBT+ rights
  • 56% Gun control
  • 55% Personal political causes/candidates
  • 53% Decriminalizing marijuana

83% of female beauty consumers support the Black Lives Matter movement

(somewhat support + fully support)

  • 52% supported a brand because it supports diversity, inclusivity and equality
  • 34% boycotted a brand due to their position on BLM or other social issues
  • 28% donated money to an organization that supports diversity/inclusivity/social change


89% of BLM supporters feel that women-focused brands, such as beauty/cosmetics, have an obligation to empower women, regardless of ethnicity or color.

Among BLM supporters, how important is beauty brand diversity/hiring and promoting more Black employees? (8, 9, 10 on scale of 1-10)

  • 71%


  • 71% say brands need to reflect their customer base
  • 68% will lead to better products for Black people and others of color
  • 61% it’s the right thing to do
  • 61% will make the brand more relatable to all

BLM supporters believe brands should…

  • 76% create more products for Blacks and others of color
  • 69% use more Blacks and others of color in ads or as brand ambassadors
  • 55% pledge to hire more Black female leaders and other leaders of color
  • 48% donate to movements that support anti-racism/diversity/inclusivity
  • 45% engage in social activism on behalf of consumers of color

59% feel the beauty industry as a whole will be held accountable by consumers to achieve more diversity

Is there a lack of beauty products made for Black women/others with darker skin tones?

  • 87% yes (among Black women)
  • 59% yes (among other women with darker skin tones: Hispanic/Latina, Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, etc.)

Black women/other darker skin-toned women say these products are lacking:

Product type Black women Others w/darker skin tones
Color cosmetics 72% 76%
Hair care 61% 61%
Daily skincare 75% 53%
Skincare treatments 70% 49%
Hair styling products 51% 42%


A Preferred brand offering approach

Brand approach to offerings Black women Others w/darker skin tones
Range of products for all ethnicities 56% 72%
Separate lines based on skin/hair of various ethnicities (specialty by ethnicity) 37% 16%
No preference 7% 12%


Do beauty departments/stores have adequate shelf space devoted to Black consumers/other consumers of color?

  Black women Other women of color
No 64% 41%

53% of Black women and other women of color have felt discriminated against/encountered racism while shopping for beauty in-store