December 26, 2016 Published by

Brands that support social and philanthropic causes are on the upswing, and with good reason. They stand up for social issues nearly everyone is interested in supporting, and they let consumers join them on their journey. To find out just how important for-cause brands and products are to consumers (and they are), we chatted with over 4,400 women and listened to their thoughts on #beautyforacause.

#BeautyForACause is a must

  • 97% feel good supporting a brand that stands for a cause
  • 88% noticed that more brands are becoming socially conscious
  • 88% want to support brands that get behind social causes

26% believe that because beauty brands are supported by women, they should support charitable causes that support women

She is Aware of the Power of Philanthropy

  • 96% are more likely to purchase from philanthropic brands
  • 56% believe beauty brands should do more to support charitable causes

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