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From probiotics to collagen powders, skin teas to glow gummies, there is a supplement for just about every beauty concern and consumer. Solutions for aiding digestion to helping hair grow crowd retailer shelves and Instagram feeds with promises of better, more powerful results than topicals alone. But what do consumers really think of these products and claims and the supplement category overall, and how do they fit into her beauty routine? The Benchmarking Company spoke with over 3,000 female beauty consumers to find out.[1]

Make Space for Supplements

As efficacious as today’s topical formulations are, no longer is it enough for beauty brands and companies to rely on topical skincare alone. Consumers want a more holistic approach to their beauty, and 97% say they are interested in taking a supplement specifically for beauty.

Two out of three women expect brands to offer supplements that complement their traditional beauty routines and products, and 82% agree that an inside-out approach to beauty is the best way to meet their anti-aging and overall wellbeing objectives. And although anti-aging is often the main reason consumers reach for their favorite topical, when it comes to supplements, hair (54%) and nail (47%) health are the top reasons she’s used a supplement. Other beauty concerns she’s addressed with supplements include clearer skin (34%), restoring collagen/firming (34%), weight loss (34%), and skin hydration (20%).

Main barriers to supplement use include cost (37%), and dissatisfaction with previous results (25%).  Plus, many consumers admit they aren’t sure why or how to use supplements. A quarter of consumers reveal supplements are confusing and they are unclear how to use them, and 19% don’t understand what benefits supplements offer.

Her Supplement Do’s and Don’ts

Cost is an important factor for supplement usage.  Perhaps that’s why (56%), Walmart (46%), the drugstore (34%), and Target (29%)—retailers with a reputation for offering quality products at a value—are her retailers of choice when shopping for supplements.

Supplement brands she’s most likely to seek out include brands that are well known in the skincare category such as Murad and Perricone MD, as well as relative newcomers such as Nature’s Bounty, Vitafusion, Olly, and Garden of Life. In addition to the previously stated benefits of hair and nail health, other beauty concerns she’d like to address with supplements include anti-aging (72%) and wrinkle fighting (69%), hydration (69%), boosting metabolism (69%), managing stress (67%), building collagen (62%), and detoxing and improving sleep (61%).

Not surprisingly, there are a number of concerns consumers…