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The Benchmarking Company unveils its annual look at the beauty products the U.S. female consumer plans to buy herself and her loved ones this 2015 holiday season, how much she’ll spend, and where she’ll be shopping!  Whether naughty or nice, most everyone in her inner circle can expect something beautiful under the tree.

93% of consumers have purchased a beauty item as a gift for someone.

72% anticipate purchasing a beauty item during the 2015 holiday season.

The lucky recipients of beauty gifts will be:

  • Friends (55%)
  • Siblings (44%)
  • Parents (42%)
  • Children (40%)
  • Spouse (24%)
  • Colleague/co-worker (16%)

45% of people expect they will buy themselves a beauty item for a treat!

She’ll buy her beauty gifts at:

  • 67% Beauty specialty store
  • 58% Superstore
  • 51% Department store
  • 48% Online general retailer
  • 28% Directly from a beauty brand’s website

Beauty Spend

Approximately 3 out of 4 women will spend more than $30 on a beauty product for their boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse or parent.

More than half of women surveyed will spend more than $30 on their child(ren) and friends.

Approximately one-third of women will spend more than $30 on a colleague or child’s teacher.

The beauty gift she plans to give:

  • 36% Beauty gift sets
  • 29% Fragrance/cologne
  • 16% Makeup

69% have purchased a beauty-related gift card either for themselves or someone else.

Of beauty gift card buyers…

  • 86% have bought a or card
  • 80% have bought a massage/spa/salon service card
  • 64% have bought a specific beauty brand gift card

Likelihood of buying beauty gifts if presented:

As a gift set: 61% extremely likely/35% somewhat likely

With an added incentive (gift with purchase):  69% extremely likely/28% somewhat likely

The one beauty gift she would like to RECEIVE this holiday season:

  1. Perfume/fragrance/cologne
  2. Makeup sets/palettes
  3. Beauty store gift card
  4. Spa/Massage

The one beauty gift she’d be most excited about GIVING to a MALE:

  1. Cologne/fragrance
  2. Shaving kit
  3. Spa/massage
  4. Body wash

Beauty By The Numbers (#11): Bountiful Holiday Beauty

Survey of 4,102 U.S. Females, September 2015

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