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CBD continues to grow in popularity due to all the massive health benefits it provides, but did you know CBD can also be used as a key ingredient in beauty products? The CBD beauty and skincare industry is still relatively new, meaning that many consumers of beauty and skincare products still feel a certain amount of hesitation despite relative increases in usage. However, appealing to people’s curiosity and intrigue in relation to CBD might be the key.

We’ve compiled data from numerous sources to give business owners an accurate picture of what benefits current users of CBD beauty and skincare products enjoy, in addition to the major concerns of those who have yet to try those products. In every market, consumers are extremely responsive to user feedback, so having access to real CBD beauty and skincare industry statistics is incredibly useful in finding ways to appeal to those who are still resistant. Our data shows that when compared to non-CBD products, people reported that the CBD alternatives were far superior in delivering actual results.

If you’re looking to begin exploring the CBD beauty and skincare market for the first time, you might be wondering where to focus your efforts, given the wealth of products available. That’s why we’ve also asked consumers about their favorite CBD products and polled non-users on which products they’re most interested in trying.

CBD Beauty and Skincare Infographic

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