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CBD is today’s superstar beauty ingredient and with good reason. Powerful, intriguing, and continuing to make a mainstream splash with consumers, cannabis-based beauty products are everywhere.  But CBD beauty is still not totally understood by consumers, and misperceptions abound. Find out what more than 7,000 US beauty consumers think of CBD beauty and its benefits, where they shop and for what, and how CBD beauty is becoming more mainstream in our two-part series.

Usage is blossoming, up 7% in previous 6 months

  February 2019 August 2019
Have used cannabis or CBD based beauty 18% 25%


S/he’s been using CBD Beauty for

  • 34% last 6 months
  • 28% 6 months – 1 year
  • 20% 1-2 years
  • 3% – early adopters, longer than 10 years

Why s/he digs CBD beauty

  • 61% medical value is well-documented
  • 58% potent ingredient that will address my cosmetic concerns
  • 57% hemp/cannabis is a ‘good for you’ ingredient
  • 50% safe for sensitive skin
  • 46% chock full of vitamins & minerals
  • 43% positive product reviews

Non-users are curious

  • 68% don’t currently use cannabis or CBD based products but are willing to try
  • 45% of non-users are more willing to try CBD products now than a year ago. Why?
  • 49% there is adequate proof they are safe
  • 47% products are becoming more mainstream
  • 47% evidence that CBD based products will work to solve my beauty/personal care needs

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