May 23, 2022 Published by

From Hair to There – Part 2

In part one of our hair series, we learned about the US female consumers’ top hair concerns by hair pattern and texture, along with ethnic hair care insights. Today’s infographic focuses on products she’s buying, now, what she wants from your brand, her purchase motivators and influencers, scents and brands she loves, and a look at the important hair care tools she can’t live without!

Top Products She’s Using (other than shampoo & conditioner)

• 55% Leave-in conditioner

• 43% Hair spray

• 43% Frizz control/smoothing product

• 42% Dry shampoo

• 41% Heat protectant

She’ll spend $35+ for

• 35% Hair thinning solution/treatment

• 22% Keratin products

• 19% Scalp treatment

• 15% Hair fragrance

• 14% Hair serum


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