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Despite the yo-yo nature of our pandemic-strain du jour, hair care product usage is a constant and continue to be a big part of nearly every beauty consumer’s daily routine. Forty-four percent (44%) told The Benchmarking Company they wash their hair at least 2 -3 times per week and on average; over half admitted they have between 3-5 bottles of shampoo and conditioner in their shower at any given time. In fact, when consumers are looking to purchase a new shampoo or conditioner, 97% say they are seeking specific benefits to address their hair concerns. As with skincare, consumers want their hair care products to perform, offer real benefits, and leave their hair better than it was. So what does all of this mean for your brand? Read on to find out what more 3,400 consumers have to say about hair products and usage, from TBC’s January 2022 original primary study.

Tress Distress

Even if a trendy hair style isn’t their thing, generally speaking most consumers still need products to help care for their hair. Leading the list of top concerns they are looking to address with these products are frizziness, dryness and split ends. Other concerns include:

Figure 1: Top Hair Concerns/Problems

Rank Concern
#1 Frizz
#2 Dry hair
#3 Split ends
#4 Lack of shine/lack of luster
#5 Limp Hair/lacks folume
#6 Dull, lifeless hir
#7 Color fade/lack of vibrancy
#8 Thinning hair
#9 Heat damage
#10 Managing curls/coils


As with most beauty products, hair consumers want their products to deliver benefits that improve the look and vitality of their hair, and that help them address their concerns with dryness and frizz, amongst others. Interestingly, like with skincare, healthier hair overall is the most desired benefit, followed by benefits that answer more specific issues such as color fade or hair growth.

Figure 2: Top Five Hair Care Benefits She Looks For

 Benefit Percent
Healthier hair 57%
Moisturization/conditioning 49%
Eliminate frizz 40%
Shine 38%
Repair damage 37%
Stronger hair 36%
Volume 35%
Reduce split ends 31%
Hair growth 29%
Thicker hair 25%
Extend color life 18%


Happy Hair Dreams

When you ask 3,000 women in an open-ended question to describe what their “dream” hair care product would be, the floodgates open. Here are the top 5 dream hair care categories listed:

  • Products to give fine, limp hair volume
  • Moisturizing, strengthening hair care products that truly control frizz
  • Shampoos and conditions that extend hair color
  • Hair control/hold products that leave curly/wavy hair shiny, bouncy and soft (not sticky/crunchy)
  • Gentle hair care products that revitalize and strengthen hair/create healthier hair and scalp

Where She Buys

Superstores like Target and Walmart are the clear destination for purchasing hair care. Sixty-five percent (65%) of consumers pick up their favorite shampoo and conditioner at these destinations.  She also turns to Amazon.com (49%), ULTA /ULTA.com (42%), Sephora/Sephora.com (32%), and the drugstore (32%) most commonly. Home shopping networks, beauty online retailers (dermstore.com, etc.) and direct sales like Avon or Mary Kay are not earning much of her haircare spend, with very few consumers (4-6%) seeking hair products from these retailers.