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The Benchmarking Company surveyed more than 2,900 beauty and personal care buyers on their opinions regarding topics such as products, represen­tation, and Black Lives Matter movement for an August, 2020 study.

Of those surveyed, 83% of the female beauty consumers supported the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement with more than half of the consumers saying they supported a brand because of its endorsement to diversity, while 34% boycotted a brand due to its position on BLM. Those who support BLM, 89% believe that women-focused brands have an obligation to empower women of all ethnicity or color.

Participants were asked on a scale of 1-10 how important it is for beauty brands to diversify, hire and promote more Black employees and 71% rated an 8 or higher. Reasoning for this ranged from:

  • Brands should reflect customers or be more relatable to all
  • Its the right thing to do
  • It will lead to better products for people of color

As for beauty products in general, 87% of Black women feel as though there is a lack of beauty made for Black women while 59% of other women of color, agree. The overall selection in-store is scarce according to 64% of Black women do not see an adequate shelf space dedicated to Black/other consumers of color and 41% of other women of color agree. More than half of all women of color want to see a range of products for all ethnicities offered.

When asked about specific products lacking represen­tation for people of color, these were the highest categories:

  • Color Cosmetics
  • Hair Care
  • Daily Skin Care
  • Skin Care treatments
  • Hair Styling Products

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