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The past decade has seen a steady rise in spending from U.S. men in the personal care and beauty markets. The more adventurous males have moved beyond typical grooming offerings like shaving products and beard care and have embraced the full-spectrum of wonders that were largely the domain of females only.

To understand the mindset of the male consumers, The Benchmarking Company, in a September 2022 primary research study, asked more than 800 men ages 18-plus to share their buying behaviors, influencers, product frustrations and brands they love.

How Much They Spend

Fifty-six percent of males surveyed spend between $26 and $100 per month on their personal care products, with 35% saying they buy a combination of high end and inexpensive products.

Purchase Behaviors & Motivators

Ninety-six percent of men buy grooming products for themselves, with only 4% leaving those decisions up to their spouse or another family member. They also buy products that are marketed in different ways. Eighty-seven percent buy products “made specifically for men,” with 42% buying unisex brands and 13% buying products marketed toward women.

Seventy-seven percent of surveyed men admit that their romantic partner is moderately to significantly influential when it comes to personal care product decisions, but factors such as easy product availability and an abundance of proof that the product works (in the form of consumer claims and customer testimonials) are top purchases influencers as well.

Where They Shop

Superstores (65%) and Amazon (61%) remain men’s go-to retailers for personal grooming products as a whole (T-1), with 16% of male buyers occasionally visiting beauty specialty stores such as Sephora and Ulta.


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