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TBC takes a Retrospective Look at Natural & Organic Beauty from 2008 to Today – Part Two

By: Denise Herich

In Part Two of our four part series on The Benchmarking Company’s annual PinkReport, we will dive into the consumer’s shopping habits and purchase triggers for natural and organic products; take a look at the wish-list ingredients for natural and organic beauty and personal care, brands she’s aware of, and the products she’s actually buying.

The Macro Viewpoint of the Natural/Organic Shopper

Purchasing natural and organic is important to the beauty routine of all consumers. Of everyone surveyed, whether natural/organic beauty and personal care (BPC) buyers or not, 68% told us they purchase some natural and organic products. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s Gen Z consumers who purchase organic/natural BPC the most (73%), with the percentages dropping as generations age (Millennials at 70%, Gen X at 67%, and Baby Boomers at 61%). When it comes to her reasons why she’s buying natural and organic, healthier for her body and feeling better about purchasing natural/organic, and their benefit to the environment are the top reasons.

Figure 1: Reasons She Purchases Natural & Organic Products

Natural/organic products are healthy for my body                                                               73%

I feel better about purchasing natural/organic                                                                       55%

They’re good for the environment                                                                                              40%

I don’t want chemicals on my skin                                                                                             36%

I believe they work just as well as synthetic products, but healthier                                   36%

Natural/organic ingredients have stronger healing/soothing qualities                              35%

My family/children’s health                                                                                                          31%

I don’t have adverse reactions to natural/organic products                                                   30%

I believe synthetic ingredients cause diseases such as cancer                                                 24%

The ingredients in traditional products are harmful to my health                                         16%


When she’s considering making a purchase of natural or organic products, price is the leading factor for all consumers (80%), followed by 73% saying “no testing on animals”; BPA Free (67%); and interestingly—shelf life! Sixty-three percent (63%) of all consumers ranked shelf-life as an important criterion for purchasing natural or organic products.

A Deeper Look at the Natural & Organic Beauty or Personal Care Consumer

Overall, 76% of women who said they buy some natural/organic products buy natural/organic beauty and personal care products as well. Of those, 95% say they buy more natural BPC products than they did 10 years ago, and 89% say they buy more organic BPC products than 10 years ago. Each time they shop for these kinds of products, seventy percent (70%) say there is a natural/organic BPC product in their shopping bags either half the time or up to every time.

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