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In Part Three of our four part series on The Benchmarking Company’s annual PinkReport we are taking a closer look at the male consumer’s POV on everything natural and organic personal care, as well as examining one of the most controversial (or is it?) natural ingredients to impact beauty: cannabinoids, and finally, a sneak peek at which categories and brands are leading natural and organic beauty today, and which were topping the charts ten years ago.

Why Men Buy Natural/Organic and What They Expect From These Brands

From our mini-study on men and natural/organics, we see that almost half (49%) of men surveyed (n=169) say they buy natural or organic PC products at least some of the time, with most believing they’re healthier to ingest or apply topically (66%), they just feel better about doing so (57%), and they believe these products are better for the environment (55%). Like their female counterparts, male natural/organic PC buyers expect their products to be free of harmful chemicals but still maintain maximum efficacy. What’s most important in a natural/organic PC product?  Price (72%); does not test on animals (60%); and BPA-free (59%) were the top three picks. (Top two box)

What Men Are Buying – And Where Opportunities Exist

When asked where he purchases his natural/organic PC items, like women, 68% cited Amazon as a primary shopping destination, followed by superstores (46%). Men report that they’re buying both natural and organic skincare and grooming products at the same pace – or even greater – than the percentages of women who buy like products.  For instance, 42% of men say they’ve bought both organic and natural lip balm in the past year, compared to 35% of women. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of men say they’ve used both a natural and organic body wash in the past year, compared to 27% of women. And—46% of men believe they’ve used both natural and organic toothpaste in the past year, compared to 25% of women, and natural/organic versions of these everyday products are purchased most often for both men and women.

For men, the biggest opportunity for natural/organic products are specialty items like facial wipes (40% of men have not bought natural or organic wipes, but would like to), along with facial treatments (40%), sunscreen (37%), shaving/grooming products (36%), ingestibles (35%), hair styling products (34%), nutraceuticals (33%), and exfoliators (31%).

Gauging Men’s Brand Awareness

Men have a relatively high level of awareness for natural/organic PC brands, and the top ten brands they are aware of nearly echo that of their female buyer counterparts.

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