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Women have always had a love affair with fragrance. Perfume, cologne, and scented body products are important for feeling fresh and feminine anytime of the year. Now that Spring has finally sprung, we’re unveiling her scent secrets, what she owns, how she buys, and some tips on capturing her heart.

Top scented products women own:

  • 94% perfume
  • 91% scented body lotion
  • 85% scented bath/shower gel

Three out of four women buy these products at least four times per year!

  • 96% of women wear cologne and/or perfume
  • 74% wear perfume daily
  • 71% carry cologne or perfume in their purse or cosmetics case
  • 73% of women own 4 or more bottles of perfume or cologne
  • 87% of women use 2 or more fragrances weekly
  • 67% of women have been wearing their favorite scent for more than three years, with 16 percent wearing it for more than 10 years

Fragrance is important

  • 86% say the use of fragrance is as important as makeup
  • 73% say the use of fragrance is as important as skincare
  • 81% rated the use of fragrance and 8 or higher, with 55% rating it a 10!*

*On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being unimportant and 10 being extremely important

Her top five scents

  1. 59% vanilla
  2. 53% soft floral
  3. 47% citrus
  4. 47% clean/linen
  5. 46% lavender

Mood matters most

  • 72% say her choice of scent depends on her mood that day
  • 50% have a specific scent she wears for a special occasion
  • 45% have a specific scent for a big night out
  • 37% have a weekend scent while 33% have a specific work scent

She’ll pay more if it’s personal

  • 75% are willing to pay more if it works perfectly with her body chemistry
  • 73% are willing to pay more if they think it is the most amazing scent they’ve ever smelled
  • 54% will pay more if a friend or significant other “loves” the scent on her
  • 30% spend under $35 for a bottle of perfume/ fragrance
  • 51% spend $36 – $75 Most owned brands of the top 20 selling brands in 2014
  • 31% Clinique Happy
  • 27% Juicy Couture
  • 21% Burberry
  • 19% Marc Jacobs Daisy

Entice me please!

  • 75% of women are enticed to sample a new fragrance by free samples
  • 66% are enticed smelling the fragrance on someone else and loving it
  • 49% are drawn in by magazine ad samples
  • 30% sample a new scent on their skin every time they walk by the perfume counter

Where she buys her perfume/fragrance.

  • 54% department store
  • 53% Bath & Body Works
  • 52% Sephora/Sephora.com

When she owns, uses and loves a brand, she’s ready for more

  • 84% are more likely to purchase additional scents from a brand she loves
  • 76% are likely to buy a set from the brand that includes multiple scents
  • 86% are willing to pay more to purchase a new scent from the brand

Size & Package matter!

  • 39% say that product packaging is what entices them to test a new fragrance
  • 71% say when it comes to packaging, the size of the bottle is important
  • 51% say a description of the scent on the package is important
  • 21% say that if the bottle looks like a work of art, they would pay more for the fragrance

Bring on the complimentary SKUs

  • 70% of women are likely to purchase other scented products that match their perfume/fragrance Of women who have used other products that are the same scent as their perfume, 90% use body lotion and 76% use shower/bath gel
  • 76% of women use shower gel that matches their perfume scent
  • 57% purchased complimentary SKUs as part of a gift
  • 48% of women who purchased a gift set repurchased the items after their product ran out

Based on a study conducted March 2015 of 2,968 U.S. female beauty consumers.

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