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It’s Hot to be Holistic
There’s a new era of holistic beauty, health, and wellness at hand, and consumers are the driving force. From embracing organic and natural topical products to being mindful of eating clean, everywhere consumers are looking for a more ‘whole-istic’ approach to living. In fact, the drive to be holistic, and feel healthy and look beautiful is so strong; consumers are willing to change their behaviors in some radical (and not so radical) ways.

What holistic beauty means to her:
• 58% embracing alternative therapies to support health and well-being
• 56% interconnectivity of body, mind, and beauty
• 45% natural skincare and makeup products
• 40% organic skincare and makeup products
• 36% beauty without harmful chemicals
• 24% maintaining a positive body image
• 19% adopting a positive attitude/loving myself, flaws and all!
Awareness of holistic therapies is growing.
• Nearly 100% of women have heard of yoga, pilates, acupuncture, and meditation
• 85% herbal medicine
• 77% life coaching
• 71% acupressure
• 72% salt lamps
• 69% reflexology
• 67% homeopathy
• 52% sweat lodges/water therapy treatments
• 51% chakra balancing
• 48% cryotherapy/magnet therapy
• 44% Reiki
• 43% sensory deprivation chamber
• 37% flotation therapy

Use of “lesser known” holistic therapies is still low. Therapies she still hasn’t tried:
• 95% have never tried a sensory/depravation chamber
• 94% cryotherapy
• 89% flotation therapy/colon hydrotherapy
• 88% sweat lodge
• 87% salt chamber
• 83% life coaching
89% of women surveyed take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to support good health.
Other daily support practices:
• 53% drink a meal replacement smoothie
• 37% detox teas
• 30% fast
• 26% a juice cleanse

She believes a healthy eating plan (83%) is the top activity that contributes to overall health and wellness followed by:
• Exercise regimen (73%)
• Skincare routine designed to improve skin health (60%)
• Meditation (55%)
• Yoga (50%)
• Body treatments/massage, etc. (45%)
• Visualization of the mind/body connection (39%)
• Daily affirmations (34%)

A holistic lifestyle is a positive influence on women’s lives.*
• 85% strongly agree that when I feel healthy and strong, I feel more attractive
• 84% agree a healthy diet makes a difference in my how my skin looks
• 79% say there is a connection between a happy mind, fit body, and self-image, and when I feel good about my body and mind, I feel beautiful on the inside and out
Consumers see a connection between a holistic lifestyle and healthier skin… *
• 79% strongly agree the extra effort I make to keep my skin healthy today will allow me to look younger longer
• 78% if I took better care of my body through exercise and diet, my skin would improve
• 66% a bit of extra pampering really makes a difference in how my skin looks
• 65% say women look younger for their age than women did 20 years ago
She’d be open to using holistic skin treatments to treat a host of skin and health concerns including:
• Weight loss (52%)
• Fine lines (50%)
• Dark spots (49%)
• Enlarged pores (48%)
• Deep wrinkles/cellulite/skin dryness (46%)
• Scars (45%)
• For regular skincare (44%)
• Acne (42%)
• Rough skin texture (39%)
• Diet (37%)

Holistic skin products she’s used:
• 45% essential oils
• 32% have made their own skincare lotions and potions
• 29% herbal skin remedies
• 12% naturopathic skin remedies

Women ranked these holistic skin remedies are just as or more effective than traditional skincare products.
• 91% Naturopathic skin remedies
• 90% herbal skin remedies/essential oil remedies
• 85% saying homemade skin remedies

Texting and Sex are the two activities she’d be least willing to give up if by changing her behaviors she’d be rewarded with health and beauty for life.
• 95% would use only natural and organic skincare products
• 80% would stop eating high calorie/low nutrition snacks
• 73% would give up gluten
• 61% would forgo their daily latte/coffee
• 57% would stop eating dairy products
• 54% would give up eating sweets of all kinds
• 51% would give up social media
• 42% would give up TV
• 37% would give up texting
• 26% would give up sex!

What’s more…
• 56% of recreational drug users would give up recreational drugs
• 64% of those who drink alcohol would give up alcohol
• 70% of smokers would give up smoking!

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Based on an original survey of 8,381 US women and men ages 18+, conducted in January 2018.

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