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Ooo-la-la this is shaping up to be a memorable Valentine’s Day!  We asked women across America how they’ll prepare themselves for the most romantic day of the year, what they’d love from their significant other, and what gift would be super special to receive.*

Top Looks She’ll be Flaunting on V-day

  • 55% kissable lips
  • 51% lush lashes
  • 35% cat eyes

Gifts She’d Love to Receive from her Sweetheart on V-day

  • 56% gift card to a beauty store
  • 51% a spa day
  • 51% a massage

One Gift She Would Most Likely Buy for Herself to Celebrate V-day

  • new makeup

Top Scents to “Get Her in the Mood” for V-day

  • #1 vanilla
  • #2 cherry blossom
  • #3 lavender

Getting Ready for the Big Night Out

  • 71% shave/wax legs
  • 68% apply makeup
  • 57% style my hair

Top 3 Professional Services She’ll Seek to Get Ready

  • professional manicure/pedicure
  • eyebrow shaping/waxing/threading
  • hair professionally styled

Gifts She’ll Buy her Guy for Valentine’s Day

  • 53% cologne
  • 25% shaving products such as aftershave or lotion
  • 22% a gift box from a men’s line (i.e. Jack Black, Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s Shave Club)

*data derived from 4,700+ respondents from a TBC original survey, January 2016.

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