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Single-dose beauty product packaging options can give consumers much-needed peace of mind, whether it’s taking the guesswork out of the amount of a product to use, or easing fears about a product’s exposure to outside toxins. The format has both advantages and drawbacks, summarized in the results of our recent online survey of 3,000+ US female beauty buyers. Read on to discover which skincare and other products she’s consuming in single-dose now, which ones she’d like to see from brands, and more. 

Purchase Frequency

  • 47% have bought single-dose beauty/personal care now or in the past
    • 33% bought just one time
    • 15% are regular single-dose buyers
    • 49% buy single-dose just on occasion
    • 3% wouldn’t buy single-dose again

Single-Dose Skincare Buying Rules

  • 91% of single-dose buyers purchase skincare in this type of packaging
  • 44% buy hair care
  • 31% bath products
  • 22% fragrance
  • 19% body care
  • 19% sexual wellness/intimate care
  • 19% color cosmetics

Why She Buys Single-Dose

  • 54% travel-friendly
  • 52% don’t have to guess how much product I’ll need
  • 47% keeps product from being exposed to sun, bacteria and air
  • 32% helps product maintain its potency
  • 31% minimal product waste
  • 30% more hygienic
  • 29% less messy