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When it comes to makeup, today’s beauty consumers are in LOVE with their color cosmetics and routines. From how often she purchases to where she shops to her favorite brands and even how many eyeshadow colors she owns (a lot!). TBC asked consumers to open up their makeup bags and tell us everything—and did they ever. With responses from 7,000+ US beauty consumers, everything you could ever want to know about your makeup consumer is here!

Makeup Basics

  • 99% have purchased skin, color, and hair products in past year
  • 61% wear makeup everyday
  • 60% say they LOVE makeup
  • And one quarter of women won’t leave home without their makeup bags!

The one product she can’t live without Now (2019) vs. Then (2015)

  1. Mascara   Lipstick
  2. Foundation   Mascara
  3. Lipstick   Her entire makeup bag!

The Trendiest Of Makeup Trends: Now (2019) vs. Then (2015)

  1. Natural shaped eyebrows/bold brows Soft neutral lips
  2. Glowing, radiant dewy skin                          Lip gloss/shine
  3. Glossy lip/wet looking lips                         Contoured cheeks

Why She Doesn’t Wear Makeup

  • 45% feel they look just fine ‘as-is’ and don’t need it
  • 31% say it’s not necessary everyday
  • 23% feel it just takes too long to apply
  • 18% makeup is only for special occasions

She takes her time

  • 14% spend more than 30 minutes putting on her makeup
  • 19% spend between 21-30 minutes
  • 35% spend between 11 and 20 minutes

Color Cosmetics She Uses Regularly Today vs. in 2015

2019 2015
89% Mascara 86% Eye shadow
76% Eye shadow 66% Mascara
71% Liquid foundation 50% Foundation
68% Concealer 52% Eye Liner
67% Blush 49% Lip Gloss
62% Lipstick  

 Makeup Products She Using The Least?

  • Lip primer (15%)
  • Brow pomade (15%)
  • False lashes (15%)
  • Stick foundation (16%)

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