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The cosmetics market remains, as ever, a booming industry. But with so many products and product types available, it can be difficult to rise above the fray and capture your consumer’s attention. To shed some light on today’s cosmetics market trends, we asked 7,000+ beauty consumers in the US about their makeup habits, preferences, and concerns, offering unique insight into your target audience. Not only did we find that consumers are as enamored with their products as ever, but we also noted which specific products, styles and delivery systems are most popular, in addition to which products are seldom if ever, used.

Despite the various trends sparked by influencers involving dramatic contour, glittery highlights, and overlined lips, the classic makeup powerhouses still rule, including mascara, foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow. To illustrate how these and other makeup products fit into consumers’ budgets, we looked at how often they’re purchased, providing clarity into what is most likely to fly off the shelves regularly. For example, a substantial percentage of consumers purchase new foundation products once per month.

One thing that has changed is an increased interest in cruelty-free products. Beauty consumers consider animal testing to be a dealbreaker when it comes to shopping for cosmetics while also preferring products made with natural ingredients.

May Makeup Madness—Cosmetics Market

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