June 22, 2022 Published by

Midyear Skincare & Makeup Roundup

2022 is flashing by like a comet and it’s time to do a midyear assessment of the US consumers’ opinions and purchase behaviors for skincare and makeup. In this issue, we reveal the skincare and makeup products she buys most, what’s not working for her, what she’d like to try (your brand opportunity!), where she learns about new products, and which brands she feels are most innovative. We’ve taken a generational dive into some of the study questions, yielding fascinating results. Enjoy!

Beauty She Buys Now

• 95% Skincare

• 95% Hair care

• 92% Makeup

• 69% Fragrance

• 68% Nail care

Where She’s Buying Skincare and Makeup

• #1 Superstores (63% skincare/63% makeup)

• #2 Ulta (58% skincare/61% makeup)

• #3 Amazon.com (51% skincare/47% makeup)

• #4 Sephora (50% skincare/56% makeup)

• #5 Drug Stores (43% skincare/45% makeup)



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