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2021 has arrived, full of hope and the promise of a healthier tomorrow. Beauty buyers are seeking ways to enhance their well-being through supplements that not only help them feel better, but aid in their beauty concerns as well. This is where beauty brands come in! Join us as we review the supplement wishes of 3,000 US female beauty buyers, derived from our December 2020 original primary research study, and note the many opportunities for brands to delight her with beauty ingestibles.

90% take vitamins and/or supplements for their health and wellness.

82% believe the best way to obtain her beauty objectives is to take an inside-out approach by taking supplements

87% would be interested in customizing their own supplements

59% would be interested in an “all in one pill” to meet her specific and individualized needs

2 out of 3 women

  • expect beauty brands to offer health supplements that complement their traditional skincare, hair care and body care products
  • trust beauty brands to create high quality supplements
  • would buy beauty supplements from their favorite beauty brand

4 out of 5 women take supplements/vitamins to address beauty concerns

  • 54% hair growth/health
  • 47% stronger nails
  • 34% restore collagen/skin firming
  • 34% clearer skin/skin health
  • 34% improve metabolism/weight loss
  • 21% don’t take supplements for beauty concerns, but 97% of non-users would be willing to try them

Where she buys her beauty-specific supplements

  • 57% Amazon.com
  • 46% Walmart
  • 34% Drug store
  • 29% Target
  • 25% Vitamin store/online

Beauty retailers are also picking up a share of supplement sales

  • 18% Ulta/Ulta.com
  • 16% Sephora/Sephora.com
  • 7% a specific beauty brand’s website
  • 7% beauty supply store (i.e. Sally’s)

Beauty brands are gaining market share in supplement sales. Women report purchasing beauty supplements from the following:

  • 12% Vital Proteins
  • 11% Murad
  • 9% Perricone MD
  • 7% HUM Nutrition
  • 6% Pacifica
  • 6% Juice Beauty

Top beauty concerns she would like to address by taking a supplement