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In recent years consumers have become more dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint by investing in sustainable products that are beneficial to the environment – including beauty products. That’s why surveyed beauty consumers about their relationship with sustainable beauty. This study included a look at consumer lifestyles, showing a willingness to live in environmentally friendly ways in other aspects of their life, while also acknowledging the main factors driving purchases of sustainable beauty products.

Many aspects determine whether a product is sustainable: the ingredients used, the product testing process, the packaging materials, and the ease of recycling. This can make it difficult for companies to prioritize their efforts. To assist with the growth of the sustainable beauty market, we’ve provided actionable data, including the types of compromises users are willing to make for their products to be better for the environment, and what types of sustainability they prioritize. We also explored ways to motivate people to shop more consciously. For example, women stated they would be significantly more likely to try in-store recycling if provided with free shipping labels to return used products and their packaging.

Sustainable Beauty Infographic

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