February 5, 2020 Published by

With the start of a new decade, beauty consumers are setting their sights on refreshing, renewing, and restarting a healthy, clean routine.  Increasingly, a big part of every beauty regimen includes seeking out and using cutting edge ingredients that help boost and protect the overall health of the skin and body, as well as nurture and fortify their microbiome. To find out what consumers know (and think about) the microbiome and their approach to a healthier beauty, we asked thousands of US beauty consumers to chime in on the magical microbiome.

She knows what the microbiome is:

87% know the microbiome is the gathering of microbes (good and bad bacteria) that live on body, skin & hair

Awareness of microbiome-specific skincare still growing

21% of consumers are aware of microbiome-specific skincare

40% have heard of it, but aren’t sure what it is

93% have not yet purchased microbiome beauty products

Of those who have purchased microbiome beauty

76% have purchased facial skincare

41% body care

31% ingestibles

30% hair care

Top brands offering microbiome beauty, according to consumers

  1. Dove
  2. Mother Dirt
  3. Olay
  4. L’Oreal
  5. Nivea
  6. Aveeno
  7. Hum Nutrition