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Every year, consumers become increasingly aware of all that is involved in a healthy skincare routine, and that includes learning how to address their skin microbiome effectively. Instead of simple moisturizer, women are seeking products that are more customized to their individual needs, promoting healthy skin with good, nourishing bacteria. Despite the increased interest in the skin microbiome, some women remain hesitant to purchase products to address their unique microbiome.

In addition to opinions specifically related to the skin microbiome, we’ll look at the lifestyles and other purchase preferences of women, with insights into the kind of products that appeal to them. Beauty buyers are concerned with their health. Eighty-one percent (81%) of women state that they consider regular exercise and a healthy diet highly important. This is reflected in the skin microbiome movement, as women become more concerned about highlighting their natural beauty instead of masking it. Whether you’re seeking to venture into the world of skin microbiome-beauty for the first time, or are in the process of reintroducing your existing product line into the market, this data will prove helpful to your success.

Skin Microbiome

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