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Product research changed this past year with labs and focus group facilities shuttered for a time, putting the brakes on eye-opening consumer insights that can either make or break a product launch. While this was an initial hiccup for brands, technology has come to the rescue with more streamlined, effective, quicker and less costly ways to garner insights from intimate groups of buyers.

Savvy brands have found virtual focus groups to be their new ongoing solution to understanding the consumer’s point of view in small group settings. Brands save time and money by eliminating travel costs while watching valuable findings webinar-style from the comfort of their office chair. And, this research doesn’t depend on a facility, it’s where the buyer is – online and at home – and the consumer is eating it up!

–Since the beginning of the pandemic–

 78% of beauty buyers have participated in video conferencing calls from home:

  • 70% for work
  • 88% to connect with friends and family
  • She equally splits her on-camera time between work and socializing

Online videos call are a regular occurrence:

  • 30% several times per week
  • 17% several times per day
  • 17% once a week
  • 9% once daily

Her fave solutions:

  • 87% Zoom
  • 51% Facetime
  • 41% Facebook Messenger Video

Smile, you’re on camera:

  • 56% report ALWAYS having their camera on
  • 40% sometimes have their camera on
  • 37% always do their hair and makeup for virtual work calls
  • 22% always do their hair and makeup for personal calls

She is still obsessed with beauty!

  • 60% have discussed beauty/personal care with friends/family on a video call since March 2020
  • 21% have participated in a beauty/personal care influencer/brand webinar as an attendee

95% want to participate in beauty/personal care focus groups

  • 58% want to participate virtually from home only
  • 3% want in-person only
  • 34% would participate virtually or in person