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Last year COVID-19 rained on the parade of countless weekend getaways, family reunions and beach vacations forcing travel lovers to postpone summer plans.  With vaccination rates on the rise and new cases declining, the world is opening back up and people are ready to hit the road!  Post-quarantine travel-related excitement is high as she heads back to salons and spas to restart beauty routines that were temporarily paused.  How will she prep for upcoming travel, what will be in her make up bag and what products does she need to get vacation ready?

Oh, she’s ready

  • 53% have a planned vacation
  • 32% are in active planning mode
  • 67% will travel by car to that vacay
  • Only 15% aren’t ready to plan their escape…yet

Type of much-deserved vacation

  • 57% sun and sea vacay
  • 40% visit a friend or family member
  • 37% great outdoors bound
  • 26% adventure getaway

Her pre-trip protocol

  • 83% are bolstering her wellness activities in prep for a trip
  • She will take her vitamins & supplements
    • 44% Vitamin C
    • 39% Vitamin D
    • 25% Vitamin B
    • 21% Zinc

Her at-home vacay prep – quarantine made her get comfortable with at-home treatments (brand opportunity to continue to offer at-home solutions)

  • 75% exfoliate
  • 75% deep moisturization of the skin
  • 64% paint my toenails (51% stopped salon nail service during the pandemic)
  • 62% intimate care hair removal (i.e. bikini line, underarms) (45% stopped salon services in general during the pandemic)
  • 60% shape/pluck/wax/thread eyebrows

Travelling light

  • 62% will only pack favorites or multipurpose products to save space
  • 46% will bring freebies and sample-sized beauty products
  • 34% fill their own travel sized containers
  • 31% take their entire makeup and skincare bag

Her makeup bag must-haves

  • Makeup: Mascara (82%), Color Cosmetics (76%), Facial Makeup (74%)
  • Skincare: Facial Moisturizer (85%), Serums (53%)
  • Personal Care: Sunscreen (82%), Lip Balm (78%), Body Lotion (76%), Hand Sanitizer (75%)