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The Wellness Connection

Whether looking to combat a specific skin concern, feel overall healthier, or bolster an existing routine, wellness products, such as aromatherapy oils, probiotics, and beauty ingestibles are a growing part of the beauty consumer’s regimen.  And while consumers have numerous reasons why they enjoy using wellness products, almost universally they first began using them because they had a desire to be and stay healthy.  Read on to see which types of products are favorites, and what future wellness products consumers would love to try!

Wellness has a healthy following

78% use wellness products as part of their daily care routine

85% expect improved overall health from using wellness products

  • 82% use homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy oils, ingestible supplements and/or probiotics
  • 79% feel healthier when using wellness products
  • 78% use them as part of their regular daily skin/body care routine

Top products purchased in the past six months:

  • 76% multi-vitamins
  • 67% aromatherapy oils
  • 63% probiotics
  • 50% shakes/smoothies
  • 44% inside out/ingestible beauty products/ingestible
  • 38% homeopathic remedies
  • 35% fish oil supplements

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