1.17 Beauty is Where the Heart is: How Social Philanthropy Drive Consumers’ Decisions by TBC on July 25, 2017

When it comes to philanthropic giving or throwing your support behind a cause you believe in, most of us likely have a favorite mission or way to give back to our communities, and beauty consumers are no different. In fact, you could say that when it comes to cause-related giving, beauty consumers are the most beautiful consumers of all, with nearly every single consumer surveyed telling us that giving back is extremely important to their purchasing decisions and habits. From poverty to cancer research to education to end violence, we asked more than 4,400 beauty consumers to tell us* why social philanthropy matters to them, and to the industry overall.

Philanthropy Matters

Beauty brands have been supporting philanthropic causes for decades, but it’s been the advent of social media, which has made sharing these campaigns with consumers and getting them to go viral practically effortless, that has truly helped beauty philanthropy really take off. And consumers have noticed. When asked specifically about brands becoming more socially conscious, 88% agree they have noticed that more brands are supporting social causes, and 96% say that when given the choice between a product which supports a philanthropic cause and one which does not (of the same price and quality), they are more likely to choose the philanthropic product.

Read the rest of the story in January 2017’s GCI Magazine: http://gcimagazine.texterity.com/gcimagazine/january_2017?ajs_aid=b761ca05-1b5e-4a3e-81fd-7af8a36f3325&pg=32#pg32

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