10.17 GCI: Beauty Shoppers and Favorite Brands, part 3 of 4 PinkReport Special by TBC on October 31, 2017

The Changing Retail Landscape

Today, beauty shoppers are taking advantage of the many beauty retail outlets available to them…as well as stepping away from a few old standbys. Since 2006, 62% of women say they purchase more beauty products at Amazon.com; 56% purchase more at beauty specialty stores (Sephora, ULTA, Bluemercury, etc.) and beauty specialty online stores (ULTA.com, Sephora.com, etc.); and finally,

51% are shopping more at specific beauty retail stores, such as Bath & Body Works, Bare Minerals, etc.

And although women overall tend to be abandoning more traditional retail outlets in favor of specialty beauty retail, almost half (43%) of women say they are purchasing the same amount of beauty products as they did 10 years ago at grocery stores and 41% are purchasing the same amount at superstores.

So who has lost the biggest slice of market share since 2006? In the last 10 years, 39% of women are no longer using catalogs while 32% of women are no longer frequenting department stores to purchase beauty products; and 29% are no longer turning to direct sales. Of all retailers, Amazon.com seems to have maintained its customer volume – and gained the largest amount of new shoppers.

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