11.17 GCI: The Future of Beauty is Personal – Part 4 of 4 PinkReport Special

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Finally, in Part 4 of our 4-part series detailing the findings in our latest PinkReport, we unveil six of the 12 trends poised to shape the state of beauty for the next 10 years and beyond.

Consumer Driven Beauty Trends Set to Guide the Next 10 Years

The Intimate Face of Beauty
By all our calculations, intimate beauty is one of the next big trends to hit the industry. As consumers embrace every kind of safe/natural/organic product for the faces and bodies, they are now ready to bring this level of product sophistication (and safety) to their most intimate body parts. Important developments will include vaginal rejuvenation procedures, insertable pills/tablets to help with feminine hygiene and freshness, organic tampons, and even at-home vaginal facials. Women are used to pampering their hair, skin, and bodies, and all signs indicate they are ready to turn their attention to ‘down-there’ beauty.

More than 50% of women are interested in purchasing organic/natural feminine hygiene products for personal issues, such as dryness or odor, as well as natural/organic tampons, lubricants, and vaginal cleaners or moisturizers.
The top products they’d like to buy in the future:
61% personal trimming devices
61% natural/organic products that solve a specific issue, i.e. dryness, odor, or yeast
54% intimate beauty products, i.e. vaginal skincare products, cleansers, and fragrance
51% organic/natural lubricants
49% nutraceutical that enhances or increases sex drive/pleasure

Devices Double Down
While devices are a mainstay for beauty consumers these days, what devices will (and will not) do is ever-evolving, and that is only set to change even more radically over the next ten years. Tomorrow’s devices will do more than just cleanse or cosmetically treat the skin; they will provide double-duty benefits and usefulness to consumers. Expect to see devices which will tackle multiple areas of concern with the simple switch of the device head, or device apps that will allow consumers to monitor skin health (such as checking for darkening moles or detecting dehydration, for example) at home.

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