10.17 CEW Dedicated Newsletter: TBC Consumer Studies are a Brand’s “Sword and Shield”

January 15, 2018 9:03 pm Published by

Last year, $2 billion in beauty products were sold via home shopping channels, either on TV or increasingly, on their websites.  Evine, HSN, and QVC, the industry giant, have increased beauty selling on their channels, with QVC recently buying HSN and also creating its own standalone channel devoted to products from our industry, Beauty IQ.

What this means for beauty brands (especially indies) wanting to sell on these channels is this: there is more than enough room for you…if you’ve got great products, a compelling story, fantastic proof points, and you fully understand how to communicate your products’ benefits without stepping over any regulatory lines.

This is where The Benchmarking Company (TBC) shines.

The Sword

TBC’s beauty product testing (aka consumer in-home use testing) for 5-star consumer claims has become the bedrock for dozens of brands looking to carve out their place in the robust home shopping channel, providing strong third-party proof points to help women understand that your beauty product can work for her, as well as insights from studies that can help brands avoid multi-million dollar mistakes.

“We know that 93% of women look for efficacy claims before purchasing a beauty product, and that 91% require strong consumer claims and product reviews before they’ll even consider purchasing a prestige-priced beauty product,” said Denise Herich, TBC Co-founder and Managing Partner.  “Our studies arm brands with the claims they need to stand out on the home shopping channels, and on the shelves. Ultimately, the emotion claims from “women like them” help sell products.”

Dozens of TBC clients sell via home shopping channels, from indies to industry giants.  Bryce Goldman, CEO of coconut-inspired skincare brand Kopari Beauty (sold on QVC) is one of the brands for which TBC conducts consumer studies.

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