The Amazon Phenomenon 8.17

January 15, 2018 9:03 pm Published by

How Does One Describe

Omnipresent? Online giant? How about beautiful? Last month, TBC spent some time delving into the statistics behind online shopping, and what drives women to forgo brick and mortar purchases in favor of a one-click offering. In particular, we asked women all over the country to talk to us about Amazon, and how their beauty spending habits are influenced by the online behemoth (if at all), how often they shop for beauty there and why. Knowing how she buys on Amazon can help you tailor a similar approach to buying on your own brand’s website.

  • 98% of women surveyed buy products online
  • 46% of her entire online shopping spend is done on
  • 66% are Amazon Prime members, or someone is in their household
  • 96% of Prime Members say it is important that her purchases are Amazon Prime eligible

She purchases beauty/personal care products from Amazon:

  • 5%: at least once per week
  • 9%: bi-weekly
  • 22%: once a month
  • 18%: once every 2 months
  • 12%: every quarter
  • 11%: every 4-6 months
  • 4%: once a year
  • Only 19% say they rarely (14%) or never (5%) buy beauty/personal care on

Read the full .pdf by clicking here.

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