Bloggers, Vlogs and Beauty, Oh My! 3.17

January 15, 2018 9:03 pm Published by

The meteoric rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers is a shooting star that doesn’t seem to be in danger of burning out. From industry staples, like Michelle Phan, to lesser known writers and video mavens making their mark one mascara swipe at a time, there’s no denying that consumers are keen on beauty bloggers and vloggers.  Like it or not, their sway over what brands consumers buy—or don’t buy—is growing.  But just how much influence do these new media voices have?  Read on to find out.

She’s all ears (and eyes): the beauty blogger/vlogger has her attention

  • 80% women have read beauty blogs or have watched beauty vlogs

What they say matters

  • 64% say the opinion of bloggers/vloggers is important in her decision to purchase beauty products
  • Two thirds of women see blogs and vlogs as an educational resource
  • 26% make unplanned beauty purchases after watching a tutorial on YouTube

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