Guys that Groom: What He Said: 2015

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Serious men’s grooming is no longer left to the metrosexuals. Men from every walk of life are getting their groom on. From razors to hair pomades, men are spending increasingly larger amounts of cash on personal care and grooming products. TBC polled men across American to find out about his grooming and spending habits and to learn just what he’s doing in front of the bathroom mirror.

His top influencers for purchasing a personal care or grooming product

  • 82% need the product
  • 69% an out of product
  • 61% want to try a new product
  • 59% see a good deal or sale
  • 45% wife or significant other encourages me to buy

He prefers to shop monthly rather than weekly – he reports his regular monthly purchases

  • 70% deodorant
  • 61% shampoo
  • 60% shaving cream
  • 58% face wash
  • 56% facial moisturizer
  • 55% razors
  • 52% body lotion
  • 48% shaving balm

He’s digging the Men’s Grooming Gift Box!

  • 63% of men have received a Men’s Grooming gift box as a gift
  • 84% of men who received a Men’s Grooming gift box as a gift noted it was a great gift
  • 41% of men say they’ve purchased a Men’s Grooming gift box as a gift for others
  • 49% bought a Men’s grooming gift box for himself
  • 60% purchased a Men’s grooming gift box for his dad
  • 41% purchased a Men’s grooming gift box for a friend

His top grooming habits

  • 90% shave his face
  • 73% trim excess hair in and around nose/ears
  • 72% trim facial hair neatly
  • 71% use liquid soap in the shower rather than a bar of soap
  • 62% trim hair in private areas

The top ranked product attributes that are important to “him”

  • 88% smell/fragrance
  • 76% product functionality
  • 73% price

Top five personal care products he buys for himself

  1. 84% razors
  2. 81% deodorant
  3. 75% shaving cream
  4. 70% shampoo
  5. 67% Electronic hair grooming products (electric razor, nose-hair trimmer)

The items he would least likely buy for himself

  • Non-razor hair removal products (waxing, sugaring, chemical hair remover)
  • Hair regrowth product
  • Self-tanner
  • Advanced facial skincare products (serums, treatments, exfoliators)
  • Shaving balm

It is a combination of brand loyalty and brand quality that keeps him buying

  • 81% of men say not all grooming products are created equal
  • 72% of men say paying more for men’s grooming or personal care products mean a higher quality, more effective product
  • 67% of men say they are brand loyal and buy all grooming products from one specific brand

Hair products he uses regularly are:

  • 74% gel
  • 49% mousse
  • 44% hair spray
  • 42% pomade
  • 39% texture enhancer

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