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Ingredient Innovations – What’s Resonating with Buyers  

Sexy new ingredients are causing a firestorm of demand among beauty consumers who expect better product efficacy with each new discovery. From adaptogens to willow bark, consumers are primed to try trending ingredients in her cosmetics, while maintaining a hold on her tried and true ingredient favorites. Today’s infographic looks at ingredients she seeks in her products now, which ones she wants to explore next, and what she expects from brands that tout a new ingredient story. Look for an upcoming infographic all about the consumer’s relationship with retinol.

95% of beauty consumers look for beauty products with specific ingredients to address their top concerns.

Loyalty to a specific ingredient is borne from efficacy, habit, emotional association or sensorial trigger:

  • 32% use products with specific ingredients out of habit
  • 11% use a product because her mom/grandmother used it
  • 10% have an emotional connection to a product/brand that uses a specific ingredient
    • Lavender, Oil of Olay, Ponds, rose-scents, astringents (i.e. Noxzema) and cocoa butter were the most commonly mentioned scents that evoke a memory or emotional connection to a product

Why she’ll try new ingredients:

  • 81% might find something better for unique skincare needs
  • 58% new ingredients may be better multi-taskers
  • 31% new innovation means the product works better than what is already on the market

Her expectations when brands incorporate new ingredients into products:

  • 86% benefits listed on the packaging
  • 77% study results shown
  • 70% product reviews/safety statements easily findable

Top 5 ranked concerns she hopes to address with powerful ingredients:

  1. Dark areas under eyes
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Acne/breakouts
  4. Uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation
  5. Firming the skin

Recent innovations can combat some of the “newer concerns” among beauty consumers. Top new concerns:

  1. Protecting/fortifying the skin barrier (i.e., over-drying due to hand washing or hand sanitizer)
  2. Avoiding environmental/pollution damage
  3. Protecting your individual microbiome

Hip & Trendy or Tried & True?

  • 69% look for both tried and true and new trendy ingredients in beauty products
  • 22% are tried and true loyalists, looking only for ingredients that have been mainstays in the past 20 years
  • 8% only look for what’s new and trendy